Core Team

Gayathri Tribhavan

Gayatri Tribhuvan

  • Completed Engineering in Computer Science from VTU Karnataka, MS Comp Science, Freiburg, Germany
  • MBA from Indo German Chamber of Commerce
  • Polyglot, speaks 11 languages, German up to a native level. (C2)
  • Advanced language teaching skills honed by training at Horizonte Institute, Germany
  • 6 Years in IT Industry, India & Europe.
  • Has worked in companies like Mercedes Benz and has handled Audi, Nissan, BMW as clients.
  • 8 years in Language Training German & French.
  • Speaks Advanced French and has been rated as one of the best teachers for both German and French in Bangalore- for both individuals and corporates
  • Self learns a new language every year.
  • First Indian from India who blogs and writes for international language learning platforms.
  • Empanelled trainer with Robert Bosch India (RBIN)
  • Professional Indian Classical Danseuse
  • TEFL/TESOL certified (Teaching English as a foreign language certification from Canada)


MK Tribhuvan

  • Has helmed large manufacturing companies in India and Europe in the areas of Consumer Electronics, White Goods, Material Handling and Engineering.
  • Founder of Bizmentors Pvt Ltd (etsd.2004)
  • B.Tech, from IIT Mumbai and MBA from IIM Kolkatta
  • Has worked as MD and CEO in companies like BPL, Crompton Greaves in the past, and possesses solid manufacturing experience in OEMs like Godrej and Tata.
  • Polyglot, speaks 9 Languages.
  • 35 Years in Manufacturing & IT industry, India,USA,Japan & Europe.
  • 10 Years in Training & Coaching corporate Executives.
  • Certified & Practicing Leadership Coach.
  • Successful Entrepreneur.
  • Empanelled trainer with Robert Bosch India (RBIN)

  • Learning should be fun – for both the Faculty as well as the audience.
  • Learning through Doing and Experiencing.
  • Trainers should be passionate about, and absolutely committed to, ensuring learning.
  • Training pedagogy and didactics should be continuously improved upon to ensure perfect fit with changing
  • needs of the business environment and customers.
  • Learning should be transferred to the workplace of participants, ensuring predetermined results.
  • Integrity and honesty in all our dealings with our customers.
  • Ensured protection of confidentiality of all information about the customer’s business that may come our way
  • in the course of training interactions.
  • Ensure Value and Quality for the customer in whatever we deliver.
  • Total Client Focus: Our Customer’s success is Our Business!

To be Globally Recognized for Facilitating Success and Growth of individuals and organizations through Training, Coaching and Mentoring people wanting to Learn and Develop.

To form and inspire a growing set of talented & experienced people with a passion to share their experiences and learning with people wanting to Learn and Develop, through well designed & customized training programs that deploy NLP & RET based techniques to ensure fun-filled experiential learning which are immediately transferable to their workplace.

  • To establish and continuously grow, a high-quality data bank of well-designed training programs in the verticals that we
  • are focused on, namely: Project Management, Lean Management, Leadership and Communication.
  • To continuously innovate and improve upon the quality and applicability of our training programs and use feedback from
  • customers objectively for this purpose.
  • To establish and continuously grow a team of highly talented, experienced and passionate trainers who have been-there-
  • and-done-that in the industry, who are committed to the vision, mission and values of BizMentors.
  • To ensure that all learning imparted in our training programs are transferred to the workplace of participants, first by
  • ensuring experiential learning, and then by providing on-going support as on-the-job mentors for the practical application
  • of what they have learnt.
  • To continuously upgrade skills of our trainers.

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