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Established in Bangalore, on 15th April 2004, with the express objective of providing high quality Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Management Consulting, Engineering Consulting and HR Consulting, support for Corporate clients in India and Europe. With intense focus on ensuring client’s ROI for Training, Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting services, BizMentors has been recognized by demanding MNC clients for enabling business success through Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting services. Headquartered in Bangalore and with centers in Mumbai, Bhopal and Alpen (Germany), BizMentors can readily be categorized as a truly global player in executive coaching and corporate training deploying cutting edge methodologies like Experiential Learning, NLP and RET.

Having developed rich training content deploying Experiential Learning, NLP and RET, and, having built up a pan-India network of resources for Corporate Training, Executive Coaching, HR Consultancy, Management Consultancy, Engineering Consultancy and Finishing School, BizMentors have turned their attention to address the long-pending problem of employability of students. BizMentors have developed insightful courses to prepare students for Industry-readiness and ensuring their employability in the Indian Industry, irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds. Training, Coaching and Mentoring of students is done in technical skills, trade skills, business skills and soft skills. Their skills are sharpened through practice oriented workshops in presentation skills, business communication skills, email etiquette, cross cultural etiquette, telephone etiquette, business etiquette and language skills in English, German & Japanese.

Our trainers, mentors, coaches and strategic partners networked across India and Europe with close contacts in industries in India and Europe, not only build competencies of human resources to specific client requirements in Business Skills, Managerial Skills and Soft Skills, but also ensure their all-round development through focused Training, Coaching and Mentoring, in Business Communication, Business Etiquette, Business Presentations, Problem Solving, Time Management, Stress Management, Leadership and Team-Building.

BizMentors, is one of the few firms offering truly integrated Management Partnership services to Corporate clients in India and Europe, with total focus on ensuring continuous improvement of clients' Business success.
Deploying training, coaching, mentoring and consulting competencies honed by decades of rigorous experience and with a holistic grasp of the clients’ business needs, we work as an integral part of corporate executive teams, transplanting our Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting skills into the organizational DNA, so as to create a legacy of Leadership, Teamwork and Management sklls in the organization. BizMentors can be credibly recognized as an one-stop-shop for high quality Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Management Consulting, Engineering Consulting and HR Consulting, support in India and Europe.

Thoroughly professional and ethical in business practices, BizMentors ensure continuous value addition to clients, through teams of highly qualified professionals with extensive, multifaceted experience, located all over India and Europe, at centers in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Germany, who are veterans in Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting using scientifically proven training methodologies like Experiential Learning, NLP and RET. BizMentors have inevitably evolved into trusted members of core strategic teams of major MNC clients, providing continuous support and inputs for ensuring ROI of investment made for their services, for ensuring successful deployment of skills taught at work, even after completion of training sessions.

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