Core team - Trainers, Coaches and Mentors
Ganesh G Bhatt, Director.

He is one of the First Directors of the company. With an M.Tech in Electronics from IIT-Mumbai, and more than 35 years in Consumer Electronics and Industrial Electronics, he brings in valuable knowledge in the field of Electronics and Embedded Software Design.

His stints as Head of Design in well-known companies like Philips, Orson, and Tata Telecom have resulted in deep insights and rich experience that can provide valuable sources of learning in training programs.

His personal qualities of patience, passion and perseverance make him a valuable resource as a trainer/advisor. He too is a passionate believer in developing people through Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting. He has also had a memorable stint in setting up and running an effective training and coaching organization in the area of technical skills for the IT sector.

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