Core team - Trainers, Coaches and Mentors

Rajeev Phadke, Head – Mumbai Center, BizMentors

With a B.Tech. in Mech. Engineering from VJTI, Mumbai, followed by an M.Tech. in Production Engineering from IIT-B, and driven by a relentless passion for Training and Teaching, Rajeev is very much at home as a core member of the BizMentors team.
His 2 decades+ experience in both Manufacturing and IT / ITES sector, has armed him with an intuitive understanding of the realities of the jobs in both sectors. His Japanese language certification makes him an asset in training across cultures. His expertise in Project Management and his mastery of the various software tools have enabled him to conduct project management workshops that candidates find memorable and useful.
Rajeev also is a firm believer in developing people through Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting. He too has a history of successfully training human resources in the IT sector and teaching in prestigious engineering colleges of Maharashtra, which has given him the necessary sensitivity to students needs required in our Finishing School courses.

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