Our USP’s

BizMentors is clearly set apart by Core Beliefs and Value Systems that provide a foundation for rendering unmatched services through a unique combination and range of skills / knowledge. The aspects of our uniqueness are –

* Veteran Trainers, coaches and Mentors with passion, and, decades of experience from a wide range of industries, from all over the world.

*Arguably the widest coverage of training topics covering Soft Skills, Technical Skills, Vocational skills and Management Skills.

*Originality and Effectiveness of Trademarked didactics for Training, Coaching and Mentoring, deploying Scientifically proven methodologies like Experiential Learning, NLP and RTE

*Catering to training, coaching, mentoring and consulting requirements of both manufacturing (Auto, Health care etc.) and service ( IT / ITES, Telecom, Retail, Banking and Financial services, etc.) sectors.

*Speed and accuracy of customization of training workshops.

*Unmatched width and depth of copyrighted content of training programs.

*Cross pollination of ideas and concepts from the industry.

*Continuous expansion of the corpus of Trademarked and Copyright protected Content knowledge through research of current developments in the field of learning / training, coaching, mentoring and consulting.

*Result-oriented and ROI-focused training programs.
*Clear Training Evaluation including ROI indication.

*Post-training support.

*Certification for Training, Coaching and Mentoring results that is valued by the Industry.

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