Management Consulting

Strategic Consulting 

Business Modeling and BPR.
Supporting Business Transformation initiatives.
Assisting in analysis of strategic challenges and formulating strategic solutions for current and new businesses

Operations Consulting 

Process mapping & Improvement covering Internal System Analysis / Design covering Order Acquisition, Production, SCM, CRM, Order Fulfillment ( including Marketing / Sales & Distribution Management ), Finance and HRM.
Setting up Business Organizations for foreign investors on Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) model.
Design of Factory Layouts and production systems with productivity improvement (Factory Automation) solutions.

Business Consulting

Due diligence prior to Mergers and Acquisitions.
Implementation of Mergers and Acquisitions.
Analyze Business Models, Revenue Streams etc.
Forging Strategic Alliances.

HR Consulting

Sourcing, Selection and Development of human resources.
Mentoring key resources.
Succession planning and grooming initiatives.
Design and implementation of key HR strategies like Performance Appraisal Systems improvements, Competency Mapping, Training Plans, Balanced Scorecard System, Leadership Transitions etc.
Organization Diagnosis and Development Interventions at all levels.
Setting up HR department and all HR processes, in line with present and future business requirements of the customer.


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