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The Indian Learning & Development market is estimated at USD 10 Billion. Of this the corporate training, coaching and consulting market is close to USD 2 Billion. The market for training, coaching and preparation of students for industry is around USD 2 Billion. The rest is the market for formal education of students from school, through college. The third segment, though the largest, offers less opportunities and more barriers to entry, given the predominant role of the governments, ( both central and state ), in this segment, starting from allotting permits, to setting syllabi and even operating the institutions. The other two segments on the other hand are primarily occupied by private enterprise and is still uncharted territory to a large extent, more so due to the gaps in the formal education system of schools and colleges. BizMentors is already an active player with a good reputation in the first segment, and is readying itself to enter the second segment.

BizMentors has been working steadily on actions focused on its vision of developing itself into a globally recognized brand in Education, Training & Human Resource Development. We have “many irons in the fire”, and are poised for rapid growth, powered by World Class Content that is Copyright protected, Goodwill & Reputation in Corporate Circles, Well-recognized Trademark, Crack Teams of professional Trainers & Coaches, Global Partnerships and Global Presence.

Though BizMentors did rack up growth figures of more than 100% in the initial years, the slowdown in the markets due to the Global Financial Crisis had an adverse impact in the last 2 years. Moreover, continuous growth requires increasing infusion of capital. Thus far, BizMentors has been running on equity funds brought in by the promoters. This equity, which was increased 3 folds, 3 times successively, in the third, fourth and fifth years of operation, has been focused on generating business assets ( mentioned above ), that form the basis for our growth plan. The company, which has been structured as a Private Limited Company, whose governance is subject to all the laws laid down by the Department of Company Affairs of the Government of India, has generated 5 balance sheets so far, all of them eminently profitable. With an average EPS of around 53.5% and net profit having crossed 25% in the good years, BizMentors can rightfully claim to have established a robust Business Model.

Considering that the above performance has been achieved despite investing 17% of its turnover ( averaged over the first 6 years till 2010-11 ) in Brand and Business Development and close to 33% in Content Development, the above results can be considered above average. Once the various new revenue models kick in the situation is bound to improve further.

BizMentors would need capital in two tranches. The first tranche would be small at around 3 to 5 Million USD, to get all the new revenue models operational in full swing. Bulk of this would be deployed as working capital, with around 30% being deployed for improving the infrastructure. The next tranche would be larger at around 15 to 20 Million USD, primarily aimed at upgrading the infrastructure for enabling global delivery.

Once the new revenue models kick-in, the ROI is bound to rise rapidly and stabilize around 30%. Growth is sure to remain in double digit range for at least 5 years, given the huge untapped demand in the markets envisaged. The markets in India and also globally, are more favorable than ever for Learning & Development services, in which BizMentors has so widely cast its operational strategies. Investing into BizMentors would undoubtedly prove to be a robust decision for any investor looking to enter the L&D business. But timing is the essence of this investment strategy, so that we can capitalize on this market opportunity even as it is emerging.


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