BizMentors has always been a watershed in the development of Human Resources who have been touched by its edge - be they employees ( turned alumnii ) or clients or vendors or just any other business associate who has had the fortune to deal with us.

One example that comes to mind is that of Vijay Krishna. \Vijay joined us as Executive - Admin & HR in April 2007. It was his first job after completing his Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering and MBA in HR. Coming from Karimnagar in AP, he was absolutely uninitiated in the corporate ways. But he was a keen learner and was willing to undertake the necessary work to shape himself.

He was self-conscious, diffident in front of audiences and fumbled with words even for normal routine communications. Whenever he had to express something to someone in an audience he would turn to his senior colleagues for support or even delivery. He was reluctant to confront or assert, even on matters that he felt strongly about.

But he wanted to be, of all the things in the world, A TRAINER ! I was a little doubtful if that was his true calling, but was ultimately taken in by his undying passion for training in all the training sessions where he helped me as an assitant. I saw that his passion for training was genuine, though his "flesh was still quite weak" for the task. Nevertheless, I set about harnessing him to a routine of content development activities, wherein he would work closely with me in grasping my concepts and transfering them to print, and embellishing them with his own creative inputs. This work helped in no small way to develop his English vocabulary and grammar, while also enabling him to understand the finer nuances of training. Gradually, as his content development skills grew stronger, and his confidence in his own command of English greater, he was introduced into training deliveries for lower levels of employees in our client organizations under the supervision of senior trainers. Thus he began to understand how to improve his delivery mechanisms of intonation, body language and posture, and started flowering into a trainer.

The process continued and over 3 years he developed to such an extent that he was head-hunted to take over the internal training responsibilities of one of India's largest and most reputed retail company.

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BizMentors has alweays been true to its principle of treating vendors as partners. As a small company, we have dealt with not too many vendors, though some of them have been much larger companies than ourselves. In all cases, irrespective of their size or capabilities, we have always approached them with a deep respect for the knowledge and skills that they bring into our relationship and which we need for our Business success.This has consistently resulted in rich Business dividends, due to the committment, sincerity and quality of delivery of our partners leading to greater customer satisfaction for BizMentors customers in the final analysis.

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