"Whatever positive qualities I display today iin my communication, self-confidence, personal presentation and ability to deal with people, are all results of the exposure and training that I received during my tenure with Bizmentors Pvt. Ltd."

 Vijay Krishna Bojja, Ex-Employee, BizMentors Pvt. Ltd.


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"The very first time I met Mr. Tribhuvan, MD, BizMentors Pvt. Ltd., I was struck by his old world courtesy, when he handed over the advance cheque to me without my asking for it, and remarked "NOW we're in Business !". I recollect the resolve that formed in my mind right then that this is one customer I would never ever want to lose. Moreover, every time I would depart after a meeting or interaction with BizMentors, I found that I have been enriched with knowledge, which I never paid for ! My concluding thougfht after every meeting with BizMentors is "If I ever lose this customer, it would be a big failure on my part !".

Deepak.K.S., Owner, Sellkraft.


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