Interviews with Industry leaders - by Mr. M K Tribhuvan, MD, Bizmentors Pvt. Ltd.

1 ) Interview with Mr. Arvind Goel, MD of Auma India Pvt. Ltd

Commentary :

The impact / significance of HR strategy as a component of overall business strategy in Auma's business, which is perceived to be the quintessential engineering business.

The valve actuator is a b2b business involving a complex engineering product such as the valve actuator. Its esoteric know-how is known to very few. It takes a long time to learn and master the nuances of the product, technology as well as the markets. The degree of customization is very high and customer requirements are complex and require long interactions with customers to assimilate. Hence it is a business where people in the organization who have accrued such knowledge and
skills cannot be replaced easily. So, there is a need to keep attrition levels low as an integral part of the knowledge management strategy.

Auma has been quite successful in this regard, with attrition levels well below industry average. The main reason for this has been -

 a. The management's open door policy and transparent interactions with the employees at all levels, with the MD being available to all levels at short notice and further having regular scheduled open meetings with all employees every quarter.

 b. The policy of job rotation that has led to significant job enrichment and skill enhancement in employees, has also been a crucial factor in retaining employees, despite good opportunities that would be available to them outside, given their high skill and knowledge levels bred by working with demanding technology, products and customers.

The Effect of company's history and culture on HR strategy.

The impact has been only of the nature of the product that is mechatronic in nature with very few parallelels in the Indian Industry that makes it difficult to readily find people with the required knowledge and skills. This has necessitated internal focus on training the human resources for development. There has not been any impact of history or culture, except that the company has had to focus on achieving all its goals with the existing set of people, since the opportunities for finding people from outside have been limited.

The Effect of rapid growth on HR strategy.

The challenge has been to rapidly come up with solutions to evolving customer needs, which means expanding the knowledge and capabilities of people to do so. This has been achieved through training of the people and additions of key resources to the

The growth of the team has been more organic than inorganic, with people being developed through rotation and training and new people being taken in more at entry levels, with only a few key resources having been added inorganically.

The journey to becoming a learning organization at Auma.

Auma has focused on training its people to continuously develop themselves and enable Auma in its ongoing evolution as a learning organization that is always focused and ready to meet emerging customer requirements.

Role of Bizmentors

BizMentors role in this journey has been in terms of cosnuting support in facility planning, capacity planning and expansion and training. The expansion project is going on currently with the brown-field expansion at the adjacent site. Training inputs have been of much use since they have helped improve the skills of people in areas like Teamwork communication, Leadership and Project Mgt. The last deserves special mention since it has resulted in establishing good project management structure and practices that continue to run and deliver results even today. Auma considers the contribution of BizMentors as a valuable input for it business success.


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