Case Studies
Kabelschlepp India P. Ltd.

Set up the Indian subsidiary in Bangalore for this German manufacturer of Machine Tool Accessories. For this conservative company long entrenched and operating only in the European markets, it was a major decision to set up a manufacturing center outside of Europe. But their limited success with new their manufacturing center at Slovakia and the increasing size of the opportunities in the Indian market pushed them into seriously considering this alternative. They were selling in India through a Dealer, who was willing to take up manufacturing activity for them through a JV. The task of assessing the risks and benefits of setting up a manufacturing JV fell upon us. We studied the market trends, projected project costs and manufacturing capacities required to serve the Indian market, assessed risks of working through a JV for the German owners, and finally came up with a proposal of a JV which would gradually evolve into a wholly owned subsidiary of the German company, which was accepted in toto. We then implemented this plan and got the facility up and running in a year.

Auma – Factory Layout –
Auma is a German manufacturer of Electric Valve actuators. They are global leaders in this Business. Auma had been operating in India through a JV with local partners Fouress, called Auma India Pvt. Ltd. In 2003, Auma Germany bought out the entire share of the Indian partners and the Indian company became a fully owned subsidiary of the German MNC. Installation of their chosen professional management team, innovative marketing and aggressive introduction of products, combined with an upturn in Industry demand saw a rapid increase in business demand. It was necessary to overcome supply side bottlenecks to meet this demand. BizMentors were retained as consultants for this project. Studies indicated a bottleneck in machine shop capacity, specifically in the area of CNC machines. Increase of this capacity needed floor space for new machines which was unavailable in the machine shop. However, the assembly shop had surplus space that could be used if the twp shops could be inter-changed. The challenge was to get this done without disrupting production in the face of steep demand. The re-layout was envisaged and planned in minute detail and executed step-by-step over a year and a half without actual increase of production over the period. The factory capacity, and consequently the sales turnover, has since more than tripled. The factory is now being extended further on an adjoining plot of land that has been bought by this company. This next step will further increase Auma’s capacity to increase their marketshare in India, which is already well ahead of its competitors.

ISKON – Akshaya Patra Kitchen Process Layout –

BizMentors were retained by ISKCON in 2005, to fine tune the cooking processes of the Akshaya Patra kitchen. The Akshaya Patra had been launched a few years ago, as a mid-day meal scheme to feed poor school children in government and aided schools. The number of children being fed at that time were around 80,000, but the scheme’s vision was to feed a million children by 2010. Another integral part of the vision was to achieve this growth in numbers without any compromise in the quality, hygiene and safety of the food being fed. It was felt necessary to be able to install traceability of defects found at the schools to the batch in which the meal was cooked. To be able to do this, it was necessary to define all the cooking processes starting from the preparation of items to the actual cooking in the cauldrons, to the transportation and distribution vans and vessels. A system of using tokens to identify the batches and establish traceable links between the meals served to the batches of items purchased was designed and implemented. Industrial Engineering principles were deployed to improve efficiencies in the kitchen by reducing handling and other non-value added activities. Modular kitchen designs with low-cost automation and gravity harnessing methods were also drawn up. As it transpired, the 1 million mark was surpassed in 2008 itself.

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